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was my debut exhibition on display October 13th - 18th 2015 at a temporary location in Berlin.

Upon entering the space, visitors were confronted with an exhibition space bereft of the artworks. Their intended position was indicated with replica newspaper cutouts, often mistaken, at first glance, as the works on display.

A naked back room functioned as the deceleration chamber, inviting viewers in for a more intimate and focussed contact with the photographies. All visitors were required to wait for their turn to enter the chamber and put on white gloves before being able to inspect the wrapped and stacked images - with their own hands, in their own time.

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Special Thanks to: Stella Porta, Michael Ristow, Benyamin Reich, Michael Dziwior, Nina Roeder, Oskar Melander, Alexander Iskin, Daniel Roth, Florian Kiffeurt, Sophie Fenger and Christian Ruzisczka.